a Ye Olde "Vallauris Daily Photo": 06/2006 - 07/2006

vendredi, juin 30, 2006

Nice on rails

Local information : Friends from abroad, it's a bit messy in Nice : Avenue Jean Medecin, as pictured yesterday, will soon a pleasure to visit, by foot or with the Tramway, but right now, leave your car at home :-)

Amis francophones, sauf les Nissarts, qui le savent déja - O Rodgé ! - Circuler en voiture dans Nice est un cauchemar, le tramway faisant sont lit... M'enfin, San Francisco n'a qu'a bien se tenir...

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Milwaukee's Binocular

This one is a 1950's binocular, for 3d's pictures, from David White, Milwaukee.
Note that the previous Kodak is from 1908 !!!
Un appareil binoculaire américain des fifties, pour les images en 3D.

jeudi, juin 29, 2006

Level is getting low...

Wow, airport conexion down at home, so replacement with an Antibes archive mix from mobile pics. After the blured one, i'm not so proud of the reached level those last days. Anyway, i've shot again that old Kodak...
What you see here is Antibes in winter from the ramparts to the Sea an from "La Sallis" beach to the rampart.

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mardi, juin 27, 2006

Phot Flag - Blured... and corrected !

Well, sorry Spanish friends...
Désolé amis Espagnols, Z n'a pas encore tout a fait terminé de nous faire réver...

lundi, juin 26, 2006

Forza Italia !

Sorry, Aussies friends, but that stolen game is an Italian fact, there are specialist... Antonio wore that shirt saturday for a birthday party, note that despite his twelve years old, he's an old supporter.


Désolé, amis Autraliens, mais ce match volé est Italien, ce sont des spécialistes... Antony portait ce maillot samedi, pour un anniversaire, et malgré ses 12 ans, c'est un vieux supporter.

dimanche, juin 25, 2006

Maman, les ptits bateaux ont-ils des jambes ?

Coca VI is about to get wheeled. Kapitan JP, watch out ! 90 tons out of waters, not a simple operation...
Coca VI va sortir de l'eau. Attention Capt'ain JP, 90 tonnes sur roues, c'est pas une mince affaire !

samedi, juin 24, 2006

Morning Serenade

That ship is out of her usual element, water. I felt lucky to picture her with a basic earth companion, a tree.
Hors de son élément habituel, ce yacht est au chantier pour maintenance. J'estime avoir eu de la chance de le photographier avec un companion terrien, l'arbre.

vendredi, juin 23, 2006


National Flag

Well, mid game... today is a day for coffin investment : win or loose : many hearts won't last !
C'est la mi temps... aujourd'hui, il faut investir dans les cercueils : qu'on gagne ou qu'on perde, des cœurs vont lacher...

jeudi, juin 22, 2006

SS Delphine

A beautiful ship, raised in the Great Lakes, who sunk and went back to life for war... That old lady is 85 years old. Don't you think she deserves French Riviera ?
Cannes in the background.
Un beau bateau, élevé dans les Grands Lacs, qui à coulé et fut remis a flots, puis transformé en bateau de guerre... Cette vieille dame à 85 ans. Elle mérite la Côte d'Azur n'est-ce pas ?

Her past, from the official website
Specs and inside views - wow !

mercredi, juin 21, 2006


Simple : this one is the biggest private yacht in the world... But yesterday, and unfortunately, i don't have any picture of this, She was near the Queen Mary 2, and then, seemed so tiny...

English link one
English link two
French link

And the winner is...

Well, fact is that Bob is the winner !

This one is meant to follow big boats and with the help of an helicopter to deliver vehicles (scooters, austin mini, whatever...) for those very very very very rich people who can afford more than 100 meters yachts.

I like the unusual colors of the ship, their reflection on the water, and also the fact that i thought first it was meant to collect rubbish or something like that ;-)

Bob, your postal adress please :-)

lundi, juin 19, 2006

Back on Boats

What do you think this boat is meant for ? C'mon, best answer wins a Vallauris Ceramic postcard ;-)
A quoi pensez-vous que ce bateau serve ? Allez, la meilleure réponse gagne une carte postale d'un belle céramique de Vallauris (faut traduire le smiley aussi ????? ;-)))

One Hundred Daily Photo Blog Picture

As i come back from a nice wedding in my birthland (Périgord, you know ?) that mail about the DP family increase interrupts the boat serie.
So i decide to use an archive shot, and after thinking well, not an old centennial tree seem to fit, but that young girl.
Long life to our passion !
De retour d'un beau mariage dans mon Périgord natal, ce message concernant le passage aux 100 Daily Photo Blogs interrompt la série des bateaux. J'ai décidé d'utiliser une photo d'archive, et plutôt qu'un arbre centenaire, cette jeune fille me semble convenir.
Longue vie à notre passion !

jeudi, juin 15, 2006


Go back to that Sainte Maxime post :
Retournez voir ce message de Mark :

Mark would be rich...

Medici is remaking a beauty, in Golfe Juan. Hard job for this workman who repaints the turbines (These boats do not have propellers)
Medici est en train de se refaire une beauté, à Golfe Juan. Dur travail pour cet ouvrier qui repeint les turbines (Ces bateaux n'ont pas d'hélices)

mercredi, juin 14, 2006

For boats lovers...

That morning ride was a true happiness, as models were numerous. I hope those next days will please all sea lovers...
Tomorrow, a surprising link with one post from Mark (Ste Maxime DP)
Cette promenade matinale fût un vrai bonheur, les modèles étant nombreux. En espérant que ces prochains jours ravissent tous les amoureux de la mer. Demain, un lien surprenant avec Mark (Ste Maxime DP)

A German day ?

A ride this early morning allows me to hail our German friends as tonight they play their second game. So two shots of their national flag for them.
Une promenade ce matin me permet de saluer nos amis Allemands à l'occasion de leur second match ce soir. Deux images de leur drapeau national.
Ein Spaziergang erlaubt dieser Morgen mir, unsere deutschen Freunde anläßlich ihres zweiten Spiels dieser Abend zu begrüßen. Zwei Bilder ihrer nationalen Fahne.
Thanks, merci Systran, ich spreche nicht deutsch, at all :-)
Thanks a lot, Captain JPP !
Dank viel, Kapitän JPP !

mardi, juin 13, 2006

Purple closed door

Warm color, but the door stays closed. 0-0 ball to the centerfield...
Coleur chaude, mais la porte reste fermée. 0-0, balle au centre...

lundi, juin 12, 2006

Billionaires' Warf

Mr Camille Rayon is a great marina architect. In Golfe-Juan, many big boats spend very happy days, waiting for their millionaire to come on board for a ride.
The port is 13 hectares wide and can receive 841 boats on fixed or floating quays for boats from 6 meters to 75 meters long.
Thanks to my good friend HG, without him, i would never have a chance to come on board of that Mangusta 130 - 45 meters long -

Golfe Juan's Marina Access Map
Details about Mangustas

dimanche, juin 11, 2006

Sunday is sport

Great football competition with the kids of the judo club today, and a big picnic. Family healthy pleasure.

vendredi, juin 09, 2006

Sun !

That simple flower, macro shoted, for it's fresh colors. Enjoy !


Grace Kelly will always stay alive in Monaco, and in all our hearts. She is superb, near that Olivier, close to our wonderful sea.
Grace, eternelle et superbe, dans le jardin des Oliviers au forum Grimaldi.

mardi, juin 06, 2006


lundi, juin 05, 2006

Heat is coming

L'Est enflamme une arrière cour baignée de soleil, avec des couleurs Niçoises typiques. Photo du matin, vers 8h30.
Ignition from the east of a typical Niçoise couloured backyard. Morning shot, 8h30.

dimanche, juin 04, 2006

Fort Carré d'Antibes

That last one for Denton, as he shoots many sport events and buldings : That Vauban piece of architecture in Antibes is now a training center for high level sportsmen.

Petit Pont Sec

This one for Eric : Paris is soooo far now in my past, but i remember how such places missed me when i was a Parisian !

Le Buddha de Chateauneuf

That is one for Bob !

The other side...

Mark, that one is for you :-)

jeudi, juin 01, 2006

See you, bye, au revoir...