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mercredi, juin 21, 2006

And the winner is...

Well, fact is that Bob is the winner !

This one is meant to follow big boats and with the help of an helicopter to deliver vehicles (scooters, austin mini, whatever...) for those very very very very rich people who can afford more than 100 meters yachts.

I like the unusual colors of the ship, their reflection on the water, and also the fact that i thought first it was meant to collect rubbish or something like that ;-)

Bob, your postal adress please :-)


Blogger bob said...

Hi Chris,

Sorry about not contacting before. That's the first time I've ever won a competition. Easy

Trav de Gràcia 216, 6º 2ª
08024 Barcelona

3:16 PM, juin 26, 2006  

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