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jeudi, août 24, 2006

A well known Island

L'ile d'Or, at large of the Dramont Beach, might be weel know by all of you... Remember the Tintin album "The Black Island" ? The cover was directly inspired by that private island !
L'ile d'Or, au large du Dramont, vous la connaissez peut-etre tous : elle a inspiré Hergé pour la couverture de "L'ile Noire" ! Pas de gorille, mais c'est privé, alors on accoste pas...


Blogger edwin s said...

hello my fellow macaddict, here are the size tips. i got them from Kala (Mr. I'm-too-sexy-for-DP). Hope it helps you. can't wait to see the results ;)

By default, Blogger has three image size ranges - small, medium, and large. In pixel size, I believe this equates to 200px, 320px, 400px. So, this means we can bypass bloggers defaults by forcing the image size simply by adding a width property at the end of the img tag in the "edit html" tab when you create your post....width="550"

Here is an example Changing blogger image sizes

A second thing to note is that when you upload an image to Blogger, Blogger creates a second, smaller image (400 pixels), and that is the image displayed by default. 

If you are going to use the width property to enlarge this default display it will appear blockish/pixelated, so, you need to change the image that is displayed which will be your uploaded image - represented by the "1600" image.

Look at your "edit html" code and you will see two img tags - one that has the number 1600 in it and another that has 400 - replace 400 with 1600.

Finally, if your template restricts or contraints the image size, you will need to enlarge the template area by looking for "#content" and "#main" and change their width properties - BEWARE - only do this after you have made a backup of your template code or BAD things can happen if you change the wrong things!

To make a backup - do a select all (control-A keys) - copy and paste into a text file - save to your computer.

1:49 PM, août 25, 2006  
Blogger Terra Vecchia said...

disons que le gorille est rester dans la brume alors...

2:38 PM, août 25, 2006  

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