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jeudi, septembre 21, 2006

Nice colors

Early morning shot of the 3 main buildings colors in Nice, plus skyblue, of course :-)
Une prise du petit matin, avec les 3 principales couleurs des immeubles Niçois, plus le bleu du ciel bien sûr :-)


Blogger Curly said...

Great colour, composition, and thought. well done Chris.

Curly's Photoshop

10:46 PM, septembre 21, 2006  
Blogger santy said...

the one on the left looks more modern. great shot, Chris! love the angle :)

9:33 AM, septembre 22, 2006  
Blogger edwin s said...

wonderful shot chris and very nice new profile picture!

9:43 AM, septembre 22, 2006  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

you're right, and wonderful architecture, really!

10:25 AM, septembre 22, 2006  
Blogger Ame said...

Hey Chris! Love this shot...specially the little side of the balconies on the left...very art-deco looking! And ya lost the sunglasses and that Tom Cruise mystique, LOL! ;-)

5:27 PM, septembre 23, 2006  
Blogger macky said...

The modest gradation is very nice!

1:24 PM, septembre 27, 2006  

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