a Ye Olde "Vallauris Daily Photo": A translation of Bastia explanation

jeudi, septembre 21, 2006

A translation of Bastia explanation

Originating in the South-east of Asia, the Cedrat is the first citrus fruits which is diffused in the areas of Asia, in the South of Japan and the Malay Archipelago. Thanks to the waterways of the valleys of Indus, Tiger and of Euphrate, it spreads itself in the areas of Mésopotamie. The first trade of Cedrat goes up in VIIème century before Jesus-Christ; at that time the fruit is used for the perfumes, essential oils and like antipoison. Diffused in Greece as of IIIème century before Jesus-Christ, it arrives to Corsica at the first century after Jesus-Christ thanks to the Greek and Roman navigators. The Mediterranean climate of Corsica makes possible the culture of citron. The orchards of citron trees located in lower part of 300 meters (limit of altitude related to the temperature) are laid out in terraces. The Corsican Cedrat is often multiplied by cutting, method used since the XIX° century. The tree is of small size (3 to 4 meters in height), its branches are thorny and its flowers are present all the year. One protects the Cedrat trees from the wind with hedges of cypress to prevent that the fruits are not stinged by the spines of the branches. The Cedrat is an oval and warted fruit. Its harvest is carried out between September and November.

So you understood why Bastia had the answer : the production of this fruit is mainly located in Corsica :-)