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dimanche, octobre 01, 2006

Sunday grafitti

- Sunday, c'est dimanche pour mes compatriotes - LOL


Anonymous Anonyme said...

the tiles work is LOVELY! while the graffiti is erm...cute!

10:51 AM, octobre 02, 2006  
Anonymous Anonyme said...

can you understand it? what is it?

Also curious on that coat-of-arms? what is i?

lovely photo chris!

8:43 PM, octobre 02, 2006  
Blogger Chris said...

Well, i read... euuuh, KILONA ?

Those grafitis are, beeerk...

The coat of arms is the heraldic one for Antibes.
The right description is :
"D'azur à la croix d'argent cantonnée de quatre fleurs de lys d'or, brisé d'un lambel de gueules mouvant du chef ; au chef aussi d'azur semé de fleurs de lys d'or"

should not be translated but by an heraldic specialist :-)


The history is :
In XIe century the "croisés" embark with the port of Antibes towards the Holy Land, with in their veils the blue pavilion with white cross which is at the origin of the weapons of the city. The red lambel and the 4 flowers of gold lily are directly from the weapons of Anjou which constitute the blazon of Provence.
To XVe century, the city is attached to the crown of France. In 1817, Louis XVIII authorizes the city to carry the weapons of the kingdom and becomes one of the "good cities of the Kingdom", in reward of his attitude of 1815 when it refused the unloading of Napoleon Bonaparte on his beaches when he returned from the island of Elba to the reconquest of his throne. It should be noted that in fact the old weapons of the kingdom are used and not the modern ones which was however in force

9:20 PM, octobre 02, 2006  

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